2024 Professional Beauty Exhibition

Written By PolicyClear

March 15, 2024

Where better than the Professional Beauty Exhibit in London to showcase the launch of our new insurance brand “PolicyClear”,  where we will unite with industry leading professionals. 

PolicyClear is set to make waves at the renowned Professional Beauty Exhibition this Sunday and Monday. With a dynamic presence and innovative offerings, we will showcase it’s commitment to serving the unique needs of beauty professionals. 

A vibrant opportunity:

Among the bustling stalls and vibrant displays, PolicyClear will be there to welcome attendees, eager to share our insights and specialist beauty insurance solutions. 

The Professional Beauty Exhibition is the perfect place for us to present our offerings to many respective beauty professionals and bring our scheme to life. 

The PolicyClear team will be available to all attendees for all manner of conversations, ensuring you get the most out of your visit. Each attendee will have the opportunity to discuss our product, why we believe it’s right for them and why we can offer tailored cover unlike any other insurer or broker. 

The type of tailored cover beauty professionals and industry leaders may not even realise they need!

Engaging conversation:

We are encouraging attendees to gather to learn about risk management best practices, regulatory compliance and the latest trends influencing the landscape of beauty insurance. 

With a focus of empowerment and education, PolicyClear will demonstrate it’s unwavering commitment to supporting beauty professionals in their pursuit of success and growth. By arming attendees with knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of their profession, we hope to affirm our position as an ally to the beauty community, becoming their trusted partner in business. 

The Exhibition will serve as a hub for networking and collaborations. PolicyClear will seize the opportunity to build meaningful connections with industry pioneers, associations, peers, and influencers. We hope that through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives, our dedication to driving positive change, and innovation within the beauty and aesthetics sector, will provide incentive to choose us as an industry trusted partner. Building our brand around it’s community and giving you behind the scenes content. 

Looking Ahead:

As the exhibition comes to an end, we hope to emerge stronger and more determined to continue our journey empowering beauty professionals and safeguarding their success. Our attendance at the ExCel will solidify the beginning of our mission to bring a new standard for insurance excellence to the beauty and aesthetics industry. 

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